"Terry Davis is remarkable...well really downright brilliant. I first heard about Terry’s amazing gift during a phone conversation with my cousin in Michigan. Soon after, I was able to have my first phone reading. Since that day, I continue to be in awe of Terry’s extraordinary capacity to offer personal information that is comprehensive and always true to life. Terry is always so genuine and very compassionate. And he is so selfless and kind when he connects with loved ones. After each reading, I am able to reflect on his words & feel calm and reassured. Thank you always and forever Terry Davis" - Faye McA -Baltimore, MD

"My readings with Terry Davis have been extremely insightful, helpful and fulfilling. His psychic and medium talents are truly compelling and it's evident that he truly enjoys helping people. He's funny, candid, honest and truly perceptive while giving the readings. He's great at helping you make the best choices and make sense of the world and difficult obstacles we may face in life. I have been able to use the very personal and treasured contact we had during the reading with loved ones and spirit guides for healing and self-growth. Terry is truly a gift to this world and I am so lucky to have met him!" - Sarah Vargo, Chicago, IL

"Dear Terry, Thank you for taking the time in giving me a reading out here in San Diego. Just so everyone understands Terry Davis is a truly gifted medium and so far he was right. What I admire is the fact that you were able to tell me the positive things and that you knew ahead of time. When you told me about my grandmother and my other grandparents, I was happy to hear from them on the other side. The things you said came true and you confirmed it. I got that job just like you said. My life is becoming better a little at a time. Thank you Terry, I believe in you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!" - Sincerely, Anna Aragon, San Diego, CA

"You are a very gifted, creative person. I feel all three of the pieces capture the total meaning of Terry Davis. My favorite would have to be the third choice with the light flowing down from heaven above. Terry has also read for me and it was such an enlightening experience. He is truly a gifted man, that was sent to us from above!! Keep up the great work!!" - Donna S.

"Hi Terry you were right! It was going to take a little while but I am going nowhere but UP! You are gifted."
Love Jamie W. - Jackson, MI

"Terry, Thank you for helping me connect with my mom. You truly have a gift. I can't wait to talk to you again."
Beth Bussard Monk - Westland, Michigan
"Yes he is amazing I've had two parties with him, well my mother has, and I first saw him at the "Wells" so I have seen him 3 times and he is crazy right on the money w/ everything! So only see Terry if your ready for the TRUTH!!!"
Katrina Yeider - Detroit, Michigan
"You're right, everything he told me was right on the money too. I've been getting readings from him for about 6 years. He's good!"
Diane Navyac McClellan - Michigan
"What can I say but "WOW" Terry is not only a great Psychic Medium, but a wonderful person as well. I'm so glad I took the time to go to my friend's psychic party and meet you. Not only have you helped me over come some battles, but you've helped me to look at life differently. I truly appreciate your friendship and what you do."
Love, Jaime T - Jackson, Michigan
"Terry has done a couple readings for me and I will continue to use Terry for all my personal Psychic needs. Yes, he is that good! He is genuinely a nice guy. Thank you Terry & Tanya"
Sheri C. - Leslie, Michigan
"I received my first reading from Terry approximately 6 months ago. I will admit that I am a skeptic but I attended the party with an open mind because he came so highly recommended by my aunt. After my reading I sat in amazement that he "knew" so much about things that he couldn't have known without his gift. Thank you Terry for the messages from beyond too, it soothed my soul."
Missy - Lansing, Michigan
"I had 3 readings from Terry within the past 11 years and he was right with everything. Be prepared to be amazed by his talent and grace. Both Terry and Tanya are an intriguing and caring couple. Thanks for the Inspiration!!!"
Donna - Brooklyn, Michigan
“I have had a number of readings from Terry, in my experience he has always been extremely accurate. I occasionally book parties with Terry so my friends and I can have readings, they are always just as happy and impressed with his abilities as I am. There are many occasions when time passes after I have had a reading where something will happen that Terry had said I would encounter, which amazes me every time. Its also very nice to be able to connect with family who has passed on to the other side, which without Terry would not be possible for me. Terry is an amazing person, a great friend, and is very gifted with his abilities. He is the real thing. Tanya, his girlfriend/assistant is amazing as well, she is very knowledgeable and great to talk with while people are getting their readings :) I would , and do, recommend him to anyone who is interested in seeing a psychic.”
Kimmi - Mason, Michigan
“I have had one ready with Terry and it was awesome! He brought up things that no one could have possibly known. It was the highlight of my reading, when my mom came through and said she was the reason I came to the reading. You rock! And would recommend you to anyone... I'm hoping to book a party with him soon.”
Jamie - Jackson, Michigan
“Recently had my first and only reading and it was with Terry. It was so interesting, seemingly accurate (we'll see as time passes :), and FUN! Terry seem to be a sweet and genuine person, who you feel very comfortable talking to and his girlfriend, Tanya, is so kind and informative while you're waiting to be read. A good time was had by all and we will definitely do this again. Thanks Terry!”
Deb - Brooklyn, MI
“We had a party back in Nov. 09 at my house and all the people that Terry read for was extremely happy. I think that Terry has helped my daughter Kristy is so many ways since her reading. I have people keep asking me “When are you going to have Terry come back?” We are trying to get a date set for another party. Tanya is a wonderful lady, so easy to talk with & so knowledgeable about everything. I know that everyone that was at my party was really impressed by Terry, I have talked with a few that say that Terry was right on about some of the stuff he told them. Terry & Tanya are very wonderful & amazing people. Thanks again Terry & Tanya for the pictures. Hope to see you in March.”
Penny - Homer, MI

"Terry you are an amazing person with a heart of gold! Along with your kind soul you are an astounding psychic / medium. I had a reading on March 13, 2009 just for grins and giggles I listened to the tape approximately a year later. OMG, I was floored that you were able to predict events in my life that would happen for the ENTIRE year....guess it's time for another reading since everything you predicted has occurred. God blessed you with an amazing gift, thank you for sharing so much of yourself to help others. You have forever touched my heart!"
P ~ Northville, MI

"I highly recommend Terry Davis -especially to the skeptics out there. You will change your way of thinking after talking to Terry. Terry is truly an amazing gifted man. He is a great psychic/medium- hands down! He is an awesome person, very compassionate and down to earth.Tanya- his assistant/girlfriend is a wonderful, amazing person and a joy to talk with. You two "Rock!" (like Elvis-Heehee) Meet them once.. you will be hooked for life!"
Jodi - Wayne, MI

"Terry, on the journey of the rest of your life be blessed. If I could give you a million pieces of gold.. or the feeling of winning the lottery.. is close to the relief you give. For 5 years I never cried once I lost my uncle clearly to a rational person crying does heal.. but what if you feel your noble, I realized I've just made it a fight I didn’t need to fight, your nobody’s savior but I believed in you before you believed in me :) and I'm glad an honored to have met you and your wife. I really needed to see you, from the bottom of my heart to the flight of my wings thank you so much."
Jennifer L. - MI

Had an interesting night last night with Terry Golden Davis, he blew my mind. Found out some things that made me more secure about my future going to medical school. And found out some interesting things about my girlfriend. I also never thought I’d do shots with a physic, but I did. He's a pretty cool guy, those of you who haven't met him, should.” ~ Sean Wilkinson, Michigan

“Thank you Terry and Tanya for a great reading. I found some closure in my outcome afterwards. I can see the love you have for each other and have felt that before myself. Terry, you truly have a gift and I am grateful and honored to have met you and Tanya both. I look forward to many more meetings with you. I went in very reserved and came out Amazed!” ~ Lisa, Jackson, MI

"I live in Tucson,AZ. and was referred to Terry from a friend in Michigan and have had 3 readings from Terry and he is amazing. Its really amazing that we are 2000 miles away and yet his accuracy is right on the money. I wouldn't use anyone else and would reccomend him to all my friends and family in Tucson. Way to go Terry!!! Your awesome!"
Louis, Tucson, Arizona



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